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Education Made Visual was created to positively impact our community's future through effective, efficient, and engaging education.


Ian Mackinnon began tutoring in 2013 while in graduate school at the University of Texas at Arlington. Through his middle school and high school years and his then 6 years of collegiate learning, he saw the deficit in resources for classically difficult STEM subjects. It wasn't the lack of resources, but the quality and teaching styles presented that left much to be desired. You don't have to be robotic, boring, or show some level of incomprehensible intelligence to effectively teach math and science.


In fact, those classic teaching styles never worked for him. Struggling with undiagnosed dyslexia, he had difficulty remembering where variables were supposed to go within equations and had difficulty recalling which equations would go with which concept as they all jumbled together. Studying for pure memorization helped with this through high school, but understanding the equations and concepts would become much more important in college. In his senior year of high school, he had an AP History teacher who made students copy down notes into their dedicated binders. These notes where filled with color, relevant drawings, and humorous takes on the topic at hand. The class was so visual in style that other teachers playfully referred to it as AP Drawing. This method of learning was so incredibly powerful that nearly all students in the class passed the AP exams at the end of the year without ever having focused on the test itself.

Ian took this learning style and applied it to his college classes, filling his notes with various colors, small drawings relevant to the class, and any silly pun or joke that came to his mind. It proved effective and helped him pave his way through to a 4.0 with Honors in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of North Texas.

For nearly 9 years, Ian has worked to refine his visual-based teaching style and academic mentorship to help connect with students of all types and abilities. His professional and premium services and those of select tutors are offered here to support students' efforts and help each one advance their educational goals. We are excited for the future as Education Made Visual transitions into a greater resource for students in need.


This is Education Made Visual.

Every student is unique, education should be too.

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